WiMAX by Nexcom


WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom

Advantages of WiMAX

High-speed voice and data transfer over a long distance in remote and scarcely populated areas, as well as in densely populated areas;

Multifunctional application: high-speed Internet, telephone service, data transfer, and video applications

Great potential for development and possibility to offer a new generation services, such as mobile Internet, multimedia applications, IPTV, etc.

Complete communication service to the end users


Why WiMAX?

WiMAX allows real access to end users through its own infrastructure

WiMAX is a cheaper wireless alternative to the Internet services delivered via ADSL, cable modems or LAN

Great potential for development, new applications and opportunities

Separate voice and data channels, symmetric connection, fast building of connectivity

The wireless connectivity is not affected by the weather conditions and does not need direct line-ofsight  in order to work

A higher speed and greater range than Wi-Fi

Security of the connection through encryption systems

Licensed spectrum and services

Portability - freedom of movement and usage of the services from different places

WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom