WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX Extra
WiMAX by Nexcom
2 Mbps internet
2 telephone lines
WiMAX by Nexcom
BGN 59.90
With WiMAX Extra you can:
talk on the phone to friends
surf the internet
use everything at a time
and all  that - by one operator
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
Bundle description
WiMAX internet 2 Mbps
Fixed telephone

2 telephone lines with numbers from the numbering plan of Nexcom

100 minutes included for local and long-distance calls

Monthly internet traffic Unlimited
Equipment  Wireless WiMAX modem
Telephone adapter
Contract   12 months
Mailboxes Up to three
1 mailbox- 100 MB
IP address Real dynamic
Installation fee BGN 70
Equipment Free for the term of the contract
Месечен абонамент за пакета BGN 59,90
Attention: The calls out of the bundle (after the included minutes are finished) and the minutes for international calls and calls to mobile networks in Bulgaria are paid additionally according to the price list of the telephone service.
Methods of payment
through a bank transfer
at the cash desks of our offices
What do I receive if I order WiMAX Extra

Two services – wireless WiMAX internet and fixed telephone service with a number from Nexcom
Incoming and outgoing phone calls
100 minutes for local and long-distance calls for free
CLASS 5 functions of the telephone service – call waiting, call forwarding, call hold, voice mail, call barring etc.
Keeping the phone number after moving to a new office
Unlimited internet usage
Equal access to local and international internet
Full replacement of the incumbent operator
The equipment is easily installed and can be moved from one place to another
High quality of the data transfer and security through an own WiMAX network
Twenty-four-hour support by HELPDESK on phone +359 2 490 1 490

How to become a customer?
Online – please choose the button Order and follow the instructions
At the offices of the company
Call +359 2 490 1 490 to arrange a meeting with our sales representative
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WiMAX by NexcomWiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom