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WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
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Nexcom Bulgaria LLC is a leading operator on the Bulgarian telecommunications market. Founded in 1998, wholly owned by the US telecoms company NEXCOM Telecommunications LLC, Nexcom Bulgaria LLC has  own network for voice and data transfer in 19 cities in Bulgaria.
The company has rich corporative history and serious experience in providing voice services for residential and business customers for more than 10 years. Besides the voice services, Nexcom offers also internet services and data transfer solutions, based on WiMAX – the worldwide revolutionary technology for wireless broadband access.

Nexcom was the first to offer commercially the WiMAX services in Bulgaria at the beginning of 2007 – WiMAX internet, Business Link internet and data transfer services, offered separately or in bundles, together with a fixed line telephone and free of charge minutes for phone calls by Nexcom.
Nexcom- Bulgaria LLC relies on technologies, equipment and know-how of leading companies (Alvarion, Cisco Systems) and partners with world-famous suppliers of telecom services - France Telecom, KPM, IDT, etc.
In September 2007 Intel Capital and MCI Management supported the activities of Nexcom-Bulgaria through the launch of a major investment programme for the development of the WiMAX operator, which will lead to the building of a nationwide coverage and delivery of integrated voice and wireless Internet services. Intel is among the founders of WiMAX Forum – the world association of companies, developing WiMAX around the world and one of the greatest global supporters of the WiMAX technology.  This WiMAX investment of Intel and MCI is the first of its kind in Eastern Europe and is of great strategic significance for Nexcom and all Bulgarian users of high-speed internet. With the strong support of Intel and MCI, Nexcom declares its serious intention to continue developing its network and offering accessible and reliable services to all users of internet and phone in the country.

WiMAX Network

In 2005 Nexcom  received a license for the new wireless technology “Point-to-Multipoint” that entitles the company to build and develop a national WiMAX network for a period of 10 years in order to provide full range of telecom services, entirely substituting the voice and data services, offered by the incumbent operator.
Right after receiving the license, Nexcom began to build its own network – firstly in Sofia, Bansko, and Bourgas and later in other cities with population of more than 50 000. Currently, Nexcom has coverage in more than 20 cities in the country, where lives 45 % of the population of Bulgaria.


Services of Nexcom-Bulgaria LLC

Nexcom offers a full range of voice (1010, Fixed telephone, Easycard, @lo call shops) and internet solutions, based on the WiMAX technology (WiMAX internet, Business Link internet, MAN/VPN)

1010 (Carrier selection)
-  the service, offered by Nexcom, for low-cost long-distance and international calls, for customers owning a subscriber post of BTC who would like to spend from their phone costs;

Fixed Telephone with number from Nexcom – a voice service, allowing absolute replacement of the existing telephone post with a new one with a number from the numeration plan of Nexcom;

Easycard -  the first prepaid card on the Bulgarian market for calls to international, long-distance, and mobile numbers in Bulgaria at reasonable prices;

@LO call shops – call shops in Sofia and the whole country for telephone calls to all national and international destinations, as well as mobile numbers in Bilgaria;

WiMAX internet -  High-speed wireless internet through own network with speed up to 2 Mbps;

Business Link Internet - High-speed internet with guaranteed bandwidth and speed from 2 Mbps up to 10 Mbps;

MAN/VPN - a wide range of data transfer services for corporate clients – leased lines, MAN services and virtual private networks /VPN/. They provide connectivity among objects within the city or among different populated areas;  

 Bundled services – a combination of several services in order to provide a complete solution for the customers’ needs by a single operator.

For more information, visit the corporate site of Nexcom-Bulgaria LLC: http://nexcom.bg/.


WiMAX by NexcomWiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom