WiMAX by Nexcom

Video surveillance

WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
Video surveillance

Short description of the service:
The service allows a video surveillance in real time. It is a suitable solution for security, permanent control over commercial and construction sites, surveillance of places without land infrastructure.
The service enables e-mail or sms notification on the occurrence of an event. The access to the service is web-based, through on-line video portal, with username and password. The service is not affected by weather conditions. The equipment is connected via the WiMAX network of Nexcom-Bulgaria, which allows its usage even at some inaccessible places, in fact everywhere.

Technical parameters and requirements for the service:
The technical equipment is for outdoor installation and is installed by the technical team of Nexcom-Bulgaria LLC.

1. Equipment
• Outdoor WiMAX modem
• IP camera (Linksys PVC2300)
• PoE adapter (D-Link DWL-P50)

2. Connectivity
• Min. 1Mb/s via the WiMAX network
• Real, static IP address

3. Quality assurance
• Guaranteed access 99% of the time
• Access only for definite users,  with username/password, and opportunity for IP filtration.
• The service is available via mobile phones with integrated web browser

4. Maintenance
• Nexcom-Bulgaria provides full maintenance of the equipment and functionality of the service for the time of the contract.

Demonstration of the service can be observed on

user: demo
password: demo

For more information please fill in the form below, call us at tel. +3592 490 1 490 or write to info@nexcom.bg.

WiMAX by NexcomWiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom