WiMAX by Nexcom


WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom

Nexcom offers a full range of data transfer services for business customers, such as leased lines, MAN connectivity, and virtual private networks (VPN). They are used for building city and intercity connectivity.

Leased lines – building a connection between two points. The service guarantees permanent and unlimited data transfer and ensures speed of 64 Kbps up to 2048 Kbps for providing internet, voice services and video applications.

Users receive:
• Building of physical connection;
• Equipment provided by Nexcom;
• Traffic management, traffic prioritization mechanisms, and transfer quality control;
• Quick and easy bandwidth expansion on customers’ request;
• Secure connection, exclusive right of usage;
• Opportunity for web hosting;
• Two types of connectivity: CityLink - cityconnectivity and MAXLink -  intercity connectivity;
• Exchange of information in real time with no lags;
• Guaranteed capacity;
• Opportunity to use additional services.

MAN /Metropolitan Area Network/ services – building optic connection with speeds of 2048 Kbps up to 1 Gbps between two or more objects of the business customers for voice and data transfer and broadband internet.

VPN – corporate network for data transfer, which is an effective solution for business customers and internet providers with two or more locations, who need reliable remote connection of many points in an internal local network.

• Costs, equipment and time saving;
• Security guaranteed by standardized protocols, encrypted connection, and access rights;
• Effective and optimized communications;
• Connectivity among geographically remote users by one shared network;
• Fast building;
• Technical service level agreement

WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by NexcomWiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom
WiMAX by Nexcom